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Well that didn’t take long did it?!

The Swedish press are already writing articles about the supposed A*Teens catfight at next year’s Melodifestivalen. Not only digging up quotes from two years ago and mixing them with new comments given over the last 24 hours, but also taking bits of those recent comments and twisting them to make salacious headlines! This obviously isn’t a new thing for the press of course, but this case in particular just interests us, especially since one of the girls has taken to her twitter to comment on the article.

The main headline of the article in Aftonbladet is Sara saying ‘’I will not wish her good luck’’, in relation to the announcement that Marie will host Melodifestivalen 2011, which Sara is competing in as an artist. But really that was part of a bigger conversation where Aftonbladet asked Sara if she would wish her luck – Sara said that she wouldn’t, but only because Marie didn’t get in touch with her when the announcement was made that Sara would be competing, as they are no longer in contact. They then brought up a quote from two years ago from Sara in which she says of Marie, ‘’I do not think she likes me. I get that feeling sometimes. Do not know why. I have been really kind and nice’’. When Marie was asked yesterday why she didn’t call to say good luck to Sara, she echoed Sara’s comment about the two of them not being in touch and that she doesn’t have her phone number, but added that it would be better to say good luck in person anyway.

We reckon that all is fine between the two girls. They clearly haven’t spoken in a few years, yes, but we can’t imagine there being any drama when they finally are confronted with each other again, now that Marie is 27 and Sara 26. And it’s been almost two years since Marie snubbed the planned A*Teens Melodifestivalen reunion, choosing instead to compete solo with ‘Disconnect Me’.

Sara Lumholdt expressed her exasperation at the article today on her twitter, saying ‘’Good cop or bad cop? Whatever I say to the newspapers, I am the bad cop. Strange, that 😉’’.

The benefit of all of this is that we’ve barely stopped listening to A*Teens and Marie Serneholt tracks today – which is always guaranteed to brighten up any grey Stockholm afternoon! And we do love a bit of overblown pop girl catfight drama, it’s all rather harmless! Plus, it’s nice to see retrospective articles about A*Teens in today’s press also.


In other Melodifestivalen 2011 news, SVT announced to press today that there will be a press conference on this coming Monday at 10am and then another on Monday 29th. The one next week will announce the artists and songs competing in the first two heats of Melodifestivalen next year. And the one the week after will concentrate on the artists and songs participating in heats 3 and 4. They also confirmed to scandipop that there will be no more official artist announcements before then. So the remaining artists that we don’t yet know about obviously won’t be getting their moments of spotlight in the press, and will instead be all banded in together with the news of which artists are performing in which heats.

All artists will be present at the conferences for the announcement about their respective heats, and we’ll be there tweeting live from each press conference too! So make sure you’re following us on twitter before then!


Oh, and in more O/T A*Teens news – CHRIST ALIVE have you all seen how Dhani from the band is looking these days?!!!


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