Malena Ernman at scandipop live – Photos!

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So…..last night the lovely Malena Ernman performed at scandipop live. And what a performance she gave!
She treated everyone to seven performances from her ‘La Voix Du Nord’ album. And took on a monologue of personable and charming banter in between every one of them. Her interaction with the crowd was inimitable, having full blown conversations at some points, but mostly joking about, thanking everyone for coming along to see her, and gushing about how happy she was to be there! It was so nice to see an artist enjoying herself so much on stage. Despite being known for her astounding singing abilities, Malena also took on the role of entertainer and comedienne, without once allowing her actual performance to suffer. Each song was delivered completely live, and with all the effort and precision you’d expect from an opera diva. She didn’t shy away from the high notes, and didn’t restrain herself during the more challenging parts of the songs.
The Setlist
Sempre Libera
One Step From Paradise
What Becomes Of Love
Un Bel Di
La Voix
The night before, she had performed to 4,000 people at an opera concert at the Barbican. And she kept commenting how nice it was to perform a pop gig at scandipop – to be able to see her crowd, talk to her crowd, and touch them (which she then demonstrated by grabbing everyone at the front!). This enthusiasm spilled over from her performance to after the gig too. She went into the crowd to meet everyone, and then took up residency at the end of the bar where she signed albums, had her picture taken with everyone, and chatted away to her heart’s content! This went on for a full hour after the show, until she then announced that she needed a dance – and marched onto the dance floor, clubbing for 20 minutes and singing along to the likes of Carola, Agnes, BWO, and Magnus Carlsson!
The whole tone of the evening was set by her admirable attitude and enthusiasm towards everything. She was genuinely excited to be in London meeting a whole new group of fans that she’d never had before her Eurovision experience this year. And of course everyone in attendance was equally as excited about meeting her. And it showed from both sides.
The scandipop events turn one year old this Friday (we held our first event on October 16th last year), and if we continue having nights that are even half as fun as last night, they’ll keep happening! A big thank you to everybody who has attended them in the last year, and a big thank you to the artists that have made them even better in recent months; Johan Becker, Therese, BWO, and Malena Ernman.
Here are some photos that go a little way to displaying the events of last night;

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