Jennie Abrahamson: ‘Hard To Come By’

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Late last week we wrote a little bit about the musical stylings of a one Ms Jennie Abrahamson. Well now her current single, ‘Hard To Come By’, has its very own pop vid for people to fawn over.

Sonically, we have now learned that we like the song even more in its studio recording form. It’s a quirky pop tune with an interesting verse, a catchy chorus, and an excellent post-chorus section. The instrumentation is mental, but in an oh-so-good way.

Visually, we have learned that she’s a little bit Kate Bush and a little bit Florence & The Machine. It’s all a bit twee, and we never understand the sort of capers that are presented to us in videos like these. But there are plenty of people who do understand, so we shan’t begrudge their enjoyment of it. Instead, we’ll just focus on the song. But here’s the video anyway;

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