Magnus Carlsson: ‘People Change’

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Always a pleasure to see Magnus Carlsson pop up on TV to do a bit of crooning.

Earlier today he appeared on Nyhetsmorgon to perform a couple of songs. And while we would have preferred if they were new Pitchline produced tracks that he was raring to show the world, we’re not exactly complaining about what we got instead.

He was on the show to debut his new single ‘People Change’. For this song at least, he’s dropped the Pitchline produced disco sound (*insert sad face here*) and is instead adopting the stylings of upbeat balladry. It’s a rousing number, brimming with positivity. And while we have no idea if this does indeed herald a full-time new change in direction for Magnus, we do know that if it is, then it’s the sort of thing that his *other* group of fans will lap up – the sort that would like him to be the Swedish Clay Aiken!

Do we like it? Yes. But we do hope that the aforementioned Pitchline are already working on the bonus remix.

People Change

För Kärlekens Skull


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