Sonja Aldén: ‘Våga’

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Sonja Aldenstor

Sonja Aldén is back with another single from her current ‘I Gränslandet’ album. And as you’ve probably already guessed by the title of this post – it’s ‘Våga’ (Dare).

This is about as up-tempo as the great balladeer Sonja gets – in that it’s not a ballad this time.

Why, she’s practically kicking off her heels in this one. It’s a pepped up, guitar driven, arms aloft number with a rousing chorus and joyous feel to it. The perfect anti-thesis to the stark ballad about death that was ‘I Din Himmel’ (although we actually do prefer the latter, as it happens). This is the sound of Sonja Aldén with a great big smile on her face. And if that smile doesn’t rub off on you, then you’re clearly as related to death as the lyrics of ‘I Din Himmel’.

Skip to the 23:50 mark in the below stream to give ‘Våga’ a listen. Your soul will thank you.

You can pick up her ‘I Gränslandet’ album, plus her previous two albums, from our online store here.

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Våga - I Gränslandet



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