INTRODUCING: Viktoria Tocca – ‘Ready To Run’

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ViktoriaToccaRTR e1421256791898

Who’s this then? A Swedish singer who is based in New York and divides her time between performing in musicals and releasing music that ‘impacts’ ‘Adult Contemporary’ Billboard charts.
Ok. Her latest single ‘Ready To Run’ caught our ears when it was released a couple of months back, but didn’t quite stay there. It’s stubbornly returned though, and all credit to it we can now totally hear why.
So – why then? Because it sounds like Glee attempting a Eurovision ballad. From one of the Eastern countries. When they first entered in the mid-noughties.
Say no more, that’s us sold. And quite right too. It’s total cheese. Mass produced cheese. So it might not satisfy you afterwards, but it feels very good at the time.


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