LoveGum: ‘Moshi Moshi’

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Here’s ‘Moshi Moshi’, the debut single and video from a new Swedish dancepop outfit LoveGum.

That’s about all we know about them. That they’re a Swedish dancepop outfit. Actually no, scratch that. They may not even be a dancepop outfit. Their next single could be death metal. But they ARE Swedish. They are.

‘Moshi Moshi’ is a bizarre but enjoyable concoction of summer Euro hit, and novelty K-Pop hit. Like Vengaboys crossed with PSY, and with a slight touch of the Romanian dance sound that has charmed the continent so much in recent years. We like it cos it’s odd and strange and a bit catchy and very WTF.

Apparently, the title is “taken from the moment when old people grab your cheeks and say ”Moshi Moshi”.” In case you were wondering.

These LoveGum peeps seem alright too. For a start, they’ve called themselves LoveGum. And then this is their idea of an appropriate pop vid;

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