Love Generation are here!

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So, Red One’s latest and greatest project are now fully and properly launched. His hot new girlband, Love Generation, released their debut single ‘Love Generation’ at the weekend in Sweden.

We’ve been excited about this since they were first talked about a couple of months back. The combination of Red One, a girlband, and the fact that it was all being put together in Sweden, pointed towards the likelihood that we were going to like this. A lot! We had high expectations for the lead single, but thankfully it doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. It’s a big, screaming, stomping, pop track! Chunky beats wrapped in electro riffs, and a shouty, chanty chorus that sounds a bit odd on first listen, but totally enchants you by the second listen and beyond. It’s the chorus that turns out to be the almightiest element of the track. It’s SOOOO catchy, and you can just imagine dancefloors full of people this summer, singing it whilst pumping their arms in the air! Amazing.

It’s by far and away the most ‘Euro’ that Red One has ever sounded. The charm of the pop music he’s been producing for the whole world over the last two years is that it’s all sounded so europop at its heart. But it’s always been that little bit edgier, so as to appeal to the commercial music buying masses of the US and the UK. With Love Generation, you get the impression that Red One is finally letting his inner poppet out, and not compromising with cool. And of course, it sounds all the better for it, to our ears!

Red One’s critics have long dismissed him as being a bit of a one trick pony, but for the reasons mentioned above, this really doesn’t sound like anything he’s ever produced before. At a push, you can hear the odd synth here and there that he’s previously used in Enrique and Ciara/Sarah Connor’s ‘Takin Back My Love’, but that’s only if you’re looking for it. On the whole, it’s totally fresh for him. And he’s even managed to make it sound different to all of the other Red One clone tracks that he’s unwantingly inspired over the last 12 months.

It sounds like a huge summer anthem. And we hope that it becomes one!

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