Lots of Hassle!

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images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTpuZS1WBOwT3HPzGCLEbZuhH2CfnAtnrHRHffyBrkP4L6 mcoc&t=1Erik Hassle this weekend presented some further fruits of his recent labour with Swedish rock legends, Kent!

Previously we’d been blessed with the mid-tempo electro beauty of ‘Are You Leaving’, his current single. And now we’ve got another new song, ‘Stains’. It’s a more down-tempo, acoustic ballad affair this time around. Melodically it’s very simple, with nothing too complex to have to get your head around – so it’s quite instant in that respect. We do prefer our Erik Hassle songs to have a little more of an anthemic feel to them though, but then sure enough, just after the two and a half minute mark, ‘Stains’ transforms into something far more along those very lines. It gets all up-beat and starts to sound like an entirely different song to the one that you had been listening to just before – the sad one with depressing and despairing lyrics. The pairing of Erik and Kent was clearly fraught with bundles of creativity!

Erik presented ‘Stains’ and also ‘Are You Leaving’ on Nyhetsmorgon on Saturday morning.

We were lucky enough to catch Erik Hassle perform live at an intimate gig in London when he did his tour of the UK a few years back. And we found him to be a thoroughly captivating stage presence. The expressions, the fragility of his voice, each altered to suit whatever lyric it is that he’s delivering. And that isn’t lost in the transfer to television either, so the below two vids are a highly worthy watch!

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