Darin: ‘Can’t Stop Love’

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Ah, so the link on the Universal Music website this week WAS correct. A new Darin single is being released today in Sweden, ahead of his ‘proper’ new single ‘Love Killer’, which will launch his new album later in the summer. The song released today is called ‘Can’t Stop Love’. And yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s all in aid of the royal wedding taking place today in Sweden. This whole event has been AMAZING for Swedish pop music and its fans. Free concerts, televised shows, and specially composed singles aplenty.

We really like the song, an enjoyable ballad that is heavy on the beats and the drama. And it’s got a really nice melody to it in both the verses and the chorus. In fact we actually prefer it to ‘Love Killer’, although of course we’ve yet to hear the latter in full and glorious studio quality.

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