Linda Bengtzing + Pitchline = YEESSSS!!!!

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Now THIS is news that we’ve been waiting for for years. Well, ever since Linda Bengtzing became one of our favourite singers of all time five years ago, and Pitchline became one our new favourite production teams two years ago!


Linda Bengtzing was in their studio recording new music yesterday. And actually, Linda’s ‘Victorious’ partner, Velvet, was in there too at the same time. We have no idea if it means a new Linda & Velvet track, or if it means new music from both Linda and from Velvet (who’s a long time collaborator with the guys). But either way, it’s gonna be produced by Pitchline, so it’s already an ALMIGHTY MOTHERFUCKING WIN all round!

And here’s the lady herself laying down some vocals in Chez Pitchline;

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Don’t forget that Pitchline have also been working with Amy Diamond recently too, and will have some tracks on her new album. It’s as if they’re ticking off a cosmic list of all of our favourite scandipop stars! Hanson, Carson & Malmqvist next, please boys!

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