Lina Rafn: ‘Forårsdag’

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Infernal’s Lina Rafn continues to amaze in the current series of Toppen Av Poppen (the Danish version of Så Mycket Bättre). You may remember a few weeks back we wrote about her frankly phenomenal turn performing ‘Yo-Yo’. That was a dark dance anthem that commanded some serious dropping of the jaw action. And if that was her ‘Mikrofonkåt’, then her latest performance may well be her ‘Kärlekens Tunga’.

It’s ‘Forårsdag’ and it’s an absolute beauty of a song and of a performance. The mood is set to chill and thrill at the same time, for despite the fact that it’s a down-tempo and soft track, it’s incredibly uplifting and attention demanding too. Ethereal in its sound and delivery, it’s a captivating two minutes and fifteen seconds. In particular, the last part where the music drops out and she concludes the song through vocals alone. We love it.

And the Danish television viewers agree – it’s gone top 20 on iTunes!

Keep them coming, Lina!

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