Mi Amore…Annikafiore….is BACK!!!

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Good heavens (must be missing an angel)! Annikafiore has come out of early retirement and back to music! Alcazar‘s original dark collar and cuffs left the group during their musical hiatus between the summers of 2005 and 2007, and has been quiet ever since. She ‘famously’ broke her foot on the set of the ‘Start The Fire’ video in 2005, and a photo of her in full dramatic pose whilst being carried by a stretcher has become something of a legend amongst internet pop fans! Andreas from Alcazar recently revealed in an interview that they aren’t in touch with her, and that he thought that she’d left music behind….

Enter – Avatar versus Eve! Annikafiore’s new music project with producer friend, Mitch. They describe their sound as Pet Shop Boys making out with Kylie, whilst listening to Abba and being watched by Robyn in a Paris discotheque. Lovely! Remixes have been commisioned for lead single, ‘Party People’, including one by the excellent Soundfactory. And according to the band, the single has already made number 14 in the Swedish dance charts!

Have a listen to the song at their myspace; http://www.myspace.com/avatarversuseve. We’re not massively impressed. But hopefully one of the remixes will change our minds. It’s great to have Annikafiore back doing what she does best, and so we’d like to hear a lot more from her.

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