Le Kid: ‘I Don’t Dance’

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The Le Kids have been quiet of late. Although a bit noisier if you’re living in Germany. This summer, their ‘Oh Alright’ album has been released with some new tracks. Previous singles ‘Physical’ and ‘We Are Young’ have now been added, and so has their brand new single – ‘I Don’t Dance’. It’s the only previously unreleased song on there, but has now been put out as an official single in Germany.

‘I Don’t Dance’. It’s extremely Le Kid. Textbook Le Kid. And rare for a pop song in that the part we love most is the verse rather than the chorus. It’s within that verse that the listener gets to hear the layer upon layer of vocal and production intricacies – charming synths and sounds branded in an inimitable Le Kid stamp.

Germany is basically the land also known as TERRITORY RESTRICTION HELL when it comes to music. So to listen to ‘I Don’t Dance’, you’ll have to make do with the two minutes and twenty seconds you can hear below, from the preview available on the German Track It Down webstore.


Christ knows what’s happening with Le Kid, now that half of the group have set up their own new duo R.A.B.B.I.I. (listen to their first single ‘Why Can’t I Be You’ here). It looks like they might be going on indefinite hiatus for a while. Although we can’t imagine that ‘I Don’t Dance’ will be the last we ever hear of them. Not ever – surely?…

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