Le Freak: ’25 Hours A Day’

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Yesterday we posted the clips of the ten songs hoping to be Denmark’s entry to the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. And today, we’ve got our absolute favourite of the bunch in full, shining glory!

Le Freak’s ’25 Hours A Day’ is a little bit Abba, a little bit Steps, a tiny pinch of Star Pilots (that last 30 seconds or so, anyway), and it’s all mixed up and given a full schlager makeover. Honestly, it’s total bliss from start to finish. We’re not entirely sure how this is going to do in Saturday night’s contest, it might just be all a bit TOO MUCH saccharine for Denmark to handle. But regardless of the result, we’ve got a certifiable future schlager classic on our hands here, and one that we’re going to treasure and cherish for life!

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