The Golden Radio!

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Ace of Base have gone a bit remix-centric on their Facebook page over the last few days – which is great news for us of course.

The absolute highlight has been the remix of ‘All For You’ that they’ve uploaded. It’s by 7th Heaven, who are one of our favourite UK remix teams (they used to be half of Almighty). And it’s by far the best remix of ‘All For You’ that we’ve heard so far. They’ve even added some drama inducing strings to it. And even though we still love the original so well, this total dance makeover works really well for us, and sounds great. It’ll be interesting to see if the UK branch of Universal send it out to UK clubs as a promo. They really should, anyway. You can listen to the remix, and see it synced to the video, at this link here.

The group also uploaded a new remix of their current single in Sweden, ‘The Golden Ratio’. It’s not AS good as the ‘All For You’ remix – it’s more electro synth house than the commercial house of the 7th Heaven mix. But it’s the first remix of the song that we’ve heard, and it’s good to hear it transformed into a dance track. Like most Ace of Base songs, ‘The Golden Ratio’ lends itself really well to dance music. You can listen to that, and see a behind-the-scenes style video, at this link here.

Finally, they’ve also gone and launched a remix competition for fans to create a new remix of ‘The Sign’. But what’s also interesting about this, even if you’re not a remixer, is that if you enter the competition, you can download the original parts of the song – such as the instrumental, the acapella vocal, the harmonies, and a vocal with filtered effect. Ok, well perhaps that’s actually NOT that interesting to most people, but to Ace of Base fans, we guess it is! You can enter the competition here.

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