Laleh: ‘Some Die Young’


Last night’s P3 Guld event in Sweden saw a collection of music performances from some of the most popular artists in the country right now. Veronica Maggio, Rebecca & Fiona, First Aid Kit, and the new single from Fibes Oh Fibes. And you can check out all performances at their website here.

Biggest of all though, and what all eyes and ears were upon – was Laleh. Fresh off her stint on Så Mycket Bättre and some genuinely incredible chart and radio success that followed as a result (we wrote a little bit more about that here), she gave the premiere performance of her single ‘Some Die Young’. It comes off brand new album ‘Sjung’ which is released next week, her first new material in quite some time.

It’s a rousing, building, mid-tempo track. An endearing vocal melody combined with a strong melody within the music = a gorgeous chorus in particular. Needless to say, if you were a fan of her old material then you’ll enjoy this. But even if you’re a new Laleh fan, who fell for her interpretations on Så Mycket Bättre – this is pretty much the most seamless progression from that.

We like.

We also really like the homecoming hero’s reception she gets from the crowd!

That performance;

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