Kings of the Universe: ‘Watching Over You’

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Have a listen to this new song by these two Swedish chaps hailing from Västerås (we were there once – it’s really nice and we bumped into Alcazar mk3) and calling themselves Kings of the Universe.

They’re a male duo singing a song that sounds like two other male duos. We’re not sure if this is intentional or not (probably not), but there’s definitely something to it. The first half of the song sees them come across as a little bit Hurts. This is probably helped along if you watch the video while listening, as they’ve got a look of Hurts about them too. Then towards the end, it all ascends into a sort of sort of early-Pet Shop Boys high campery. That small male voice choir (or is it just the two boys singing VERY loudly?) is a little bit lush.

‘Watching Over You’ is most definitely to our tastes. And there’s something very charming about the singer’s 80’s new romantic vocal. You can listen to it and watch the video below.

DO also check out this other song they’ve done, ‘Acid Is The Answer‘, which almost sounds like it’s a homage to the production on Pete Hammond remixes. THEN check out their not shoddy cover version of Loreen’s ‘My Heart Is Refusing Me’.

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