Kaskade feat. Rebecca & Fiona: ‘Turn It Down’

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Painfully trendy Swedish duo Rebecca & Fiona have melted some of their electro cool and set fire to the dancefloor on their latest musical outing. They’ve collaborated with Kaskade on ‘Turn It Down’, the lead single from his new album ‘Fire & Ice’.

Their detached vocal charms suit Kaskade’s brand of electro house immensely. It’s a brilliant fit. ‘Turn It Down’ is the type of song that impresses with its production more so than with any melodies. And we get the impression that with a standard dance vocalist, however seasoned, the song might not have been single worthy. But something about Rebecca & Fiona’s voices on the tune turn it into something that works so well. It’s a fantastic juxtaposition of their vocal ice battling against his production fire. And it’s eerily intrusive, and then addictive.

And hark, there’s a video! Set on what seems to be half dancefloor, half ice rink. It’s worth a view alone if only to see the two girls throw some uncomfortable and image conscious shapes on the dancefloor. *cringe*

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