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This is a very good development in the streaming of popular music. It’s Digster.

It took us a while to pay it any attention, since we’ve been all wrapped in Spotify of late. But in actual fact, it works alongside Spotify. Simply put, it’s a big database of playlists that have been designed to play through both Spotify and another popular music streaming service, WiMP. There are SOOO many playlists to browse through. They’re split into genre, and also into listening moods like party, gym, romantic, and relaxation.

And like what we do with Spotify at scandipop.co.uk, they’ve also get a set of playlists that have been compiled by popstars, called “Digster By”.

Digster artist SCANDIPOP 400px1Anyway, the reason we’re writing about it is because Digster have asked US to make a playlist for them. And so we have. And so we thought you might like to listen to it. You can access the playlist here, and choose to listen to it either through Spotify or WiMP. It’s a collection of pop songs that sound like dance songs that sound like ridiculous songs that sound like sublime songs. We were limited to only 30 tracks, but at least that means you’re getting the best!

And while you’re there, you might as well look around the site, as there’s a lot of great choice there. THIS IS NOT AN ADVERT. It’s just passing on some listening tips to all of you, that’s all. And a bloody good playlist that we spent a good hour or so putting together.

And that’s that.

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