Jennie Abrahamson: ‘Give It Up’

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You *may* remember us rambling on about Jennie Abrahamson at the start of this year, when she released ‘Hard To Come By’ as a single, and ‘The Sound Of Your Beating Heart’ as an album. Quick refresher course here and here, if not. Well now she’s in single releasing mode again, and with that we’re getting the rather spending ‘Give It Up’ as a standalone sonnet!

Jennie adopts her most childlike and eerie vocal for this one, which makes up a part of its charm. The song itself manages to be both big on the beats AND quite “downbeat”, if you catch our drift! What we like most about it though, is its chorus which lodges itself in your head, but not intrusively so. It’s a listen that’s pleasing to the ear, calming on the body, and cleansing for the soul – if you allow yourself to get into it as much as we did!

The song is streaming in full on her soundcloud page, and IF YOU’RE QUICK, you can nab one of the 100 free downloads that’s up for grabs! Just click on the download arrow on the stream below. If it’s disappeared by the time you read this, then you were too late, sorry!

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