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732859 Disco Heart 0Have you ever wondered what it would be like if an artist came out that sounded like a cross between BWO and Danny? We have. In any case, meet Jonas Oakland. He’s a brand new artist in Sweden and has just launched his website;, where you can listen to his debut single ‘Beat Of My Heart’ (not a cover of the Hilary Duff classic). His website over emphasises the fact that he’s a singer/songwriter type, but don’t let that put you off – the music isn’t boring! The song starts off as a piano led ballad, then we can hear the definite hint of dance beat – in the same style as Danny’s ‘Tokyo’. But once the bridge appears, he’s already sounding like Martin from BWO. Then the chorus is upon us and it’s ‘Lay Your Love On Me’ style fare, with the grinding type of electronic base that we love so much.


All in all, pretty impressive stuff! Have a listen for yourself at his website link above. The website wouldn’t allow us to copy a photo of Jonas, so we’ve used a picture that we think sums up the meaning of ‘Beat Of My Heart’ instead.

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