Jenni Vartiainen: ‘Junat Ja Naiset’

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Finland’s absolute biggest popstar has just returned after quite a lengthy absence, with the first single from her long awaited third album.

She slayed the singles and album charts in her native Finland a few years back, with Adele levels of success. Thanks largely to the album ‘Seili’ being so good, and especially thanks to this track, the finest cut from that second album.

Jenni Vartiainen’s comeback single ‘Junat Ja Naiset’ has already clocked up almost a quarter of a million views on YouTube in the 48 hours its been online, so we’d dare take a guess that she’s likely to repeat the same kind of success as last time, this time around too. The song is a rampant strings and drums fest, with Jenny’s tribal pop top-line sharing the spotlight with a busy and loud production. We reckon that this is her way of saying “BOOM, I’m back“, before she drops the album’s big atmospheric ballad upon us. We’d be surprised (and disappointed) if this turned out to be the biggest hit from the album. It’s great and all that, but we know that she has another ‘Missä Muruseni On’ in her too.

Either way though, it’s very exciting that she’s back.



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