Jasmine Kara: ‘Beautiful World’

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Swedish singer Jasmine Kara is back with a brand new single and video, released this week, ‘Beautiful World’

The retro flavoured singer continues with the sound that she’s known and loved for, turning in a Motown-esque funked up pop song with a catchy chorus. ‘Beautiful World’ is a lot happier and feelgood than her previous two releases – she’s drawn upon inspiration for a traditionally uplifting pop anthem. Laced with her Swedish soul style.

Here’s her (admittedly quite long and drawn out) explanation of the song and its video;

Dear sisters and brothers.
I’ve been thinking about it a lot.
what i’m doing in this world and why i’m doing it…
I’ve been travelling a lot over the past years to try to find answers, and I met so many beautiful characters allover the world..all of them telling their point of view and their story about their life. What I found very interesting was that everyone came to the same conclusion when I asked them the same question, what do we need, so we can make a better world?
And they all finished with the same sentence.. “We need love..”

The language of music and love is universal,
and through that, we are one huge soul in the mother universe.
Everything we do, we do for love, and everything we see and feel comes from love. Imagine if we all could share this feeling all around the world how amazing wouldn’t that be?
You and me can change the world today.
We can make the world a better place, filled with peace and love, happiness and good feelings.
And sometimes all you need to do to start the process is to share a smile.

The purpose of making this video one day in NYC with my phone is just to make you smile.
If this made you smile, then please pass this video on and share the smile. And let’s see how much love we can spread all over the world.

Jasmine wrote the song herself along with Jonas Saeed, Ayanna Ray and Amanuel Dermont.

‘Beautiful World’ is out now and has been released outside of Sweden too. And it’s done what it set out to do. It’s pure joy. Watch and listen;


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