It’s the new Aqua video!!!

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How nostalgiac does that intro make you feel?!

As for the rest of the video….we’re not so sure. It’s fun yes, but it just doesn’t have that same brilliance that the old Aqua videos had. And we’d have preferred to see them as themselves – not all dressed up as eighties rockers. That’s been done to death, most recently by Backstreet Boys and The Corrs. Aqua used to be quite innovative with their ridiculous, but always tongue-in-cheek music videos.

Nevertheless, it’s absolutely wonderful to have them back, albeit if it’s only for a few months whilst they’re promoting their Greatest Hits album in Scandinavia. Although given that the single went to number one in Denmark last week and top ten in Norway this week, they may decide to stick around for longer and make a new album. We hope so, as Aqua are one of our favourite groups of all time.

There’s no word yet on a UK release for the Greatest Hits or for ‘Back To The 80s’, but like we said, hopefully the success the single has had so far in Scandinavia, will make them think bigger and head to more territories. After all, they were a globally successful act remember – people do tend to forget that!

In celebration of the return of Aqua, the new video, and how much we love the new single, here is one of the greatest pop songs and videos of all time;

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