Is this the way to Amarillo…

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Remember that Eric Amarillo track that we wrote about last week? Well it’s now basically EXPLODED and is quite probably going to be the biggest hit of this summer in Sweden.

In just over a week, various uploads of the radio rip of ‘Om Sanningen Ska Fram’ to youtube, are now totaling just under 150,000 views. That’s an impressive enough feat as it is, before you take into consideration that it’s a radio rip of a Swedish language song. Swedish radio is all over it, and a video is now going to be made for it. Plus, it gets its digital release on May 2nd, when it’s widely expected to go straight to number 1 on Swedish iTunes. And stay there. For a long time.

This week, the first remix of it has surfaced. It’s the Darwin & Blackwall remix and it trances things out a bit. It’s been tailored for dancefloors that favour their synths a little harder than those in the Eric Amarillo original, and it’s also thrown in a more atmospheric feel to it in parts. We still prefer Eric’s radio edit of course (which you should really check out, if you haven’t already), but this mix is a welcome variation on a tune that’s been getting us very excited this last week.

As a side anecdote; we were DJing at Torget in Stockholm at the weekend, a BAR you must remember, not a club – and it STILL got a couple of people actually fistpumping! And this was before midnight too.

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