Itch feat. Freja: ‘Booty In Your Face’

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frejaUB e1340119716931No, no – it’s not the same Freja from that delightful pop duo Danny & Freja. This Freja is a little bit more rough around the edges. She’s the Swedish vocalist on a new dance track by fellow Swede producer, Itch – ‘Booty In Your Face’.

It’s an¬†apologetically¬†RUDE tune. Very big and very bouncy – perhaps a further nod to the part of the anatomy that the song is paying tribute to throughout. It’s quite WTF on first listen. But our experience has been that we keep going back to it. Again and again. It’s very catchy. And having rude lyrics stuck in your head is always quite fun, isn’t it?

Shouty, bold, and mental. There’s three more adjectives to describe it. We’re done here.

‘Booty In Your Face’ is taken from that ‘March to a Uniform Beat‘ compilation that we told you about a few weeks ago. And it’s been released worldwide.

March to a Uniform Beat, Vol. 1 - Various Artists



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