As Scandinavia awaits the release of the new Darin album ‘Exit’ next week, and enjoys his brand new single ‘Playing With Fire‘, the man himself is also gearing up for the next phase of his pop launch in another country – Germany.

In a couple of weeks, the Germans are getting a brand new single from him too. It’s called ‘So Yours’, and it’s so geared towards Germany, that it won’t even be included on the Scandinavian release of his ‘Exit’ album. Regardless of where you live though, you can listen to a preview of the song right here and right now, as he’s giving Scandipop readers a sneak peek.

And listening to ‘So Yours’, it’s not too hard to imagine why it’s not being included on the Scandinavian release of ‘Exit’. Whereas ‘Exit’ is all about the dance floors, the beats, and the bass, ‘So Yours’ finds Darin steering into a more pop-rock sound. And those who might have been disappointed with ‘Playing With Fire’s lack of a ‘pop’ chorus, will definitely find some solace in ‘So Yours’. It sounds like what One Direction really should have come back with as the lead single off their second album. It’s a banger!

Listen to a verse and chorus here;

[audio:|titles=Darin So Yours – preview]

Actually, that’s only half a chorus really. Listen to a full chorus over at Amazon. EDIT: Actually – just listen to the full thing below for as long as it stays online.

‘So Yours’ is released on Feb 8th in Germany, and will be followed by a release in France “and so on” according to his German record label.

Whether you live in Scandinavia, Germany, France, or Southend-On-Sea though, you can pick up Darin’s brand new ‘Exit’ album on CD from our online store here.

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