It tickles when we listen!

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Here is the brand new single from Elin Lanto, ‘Tickles’!

It’s very likely that you’ll like it at first listen, but if you don’t, we’d urge you to stick with it, as it really is worth it. It becomes insanely catchy (in a good way, of course!), and that ”tickles when I think about, when I think about” riff is just impossible to get away from. It’s already our second favourite single from Elin after the sublime ‘Discotheque’ (although there is one very special song on her forthcoming album that actually trumps both of them!).

The video for this was filmed on Monday just gone. Heart breakingly, we were actually invited to spend the day on the set, but we had to decline as Monday was also the first day of our new job. Nevertheless, here is a picture from the shoot;


We wonder if she’s thinking about it, and if it’s tickling!

In other Elin Lanto news, her next UK single was sent to club DJ’s last weekend. So hopefully they’ll all see sense and ‘Love Made Me Stupid’ will at least make a dent in Britain over the summer.

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