Back in February we fell head over heels with the debut single from a brand new Finnish pop chap, Isac Elliot. That song was ‘New Way Home‘, and we’re still giving it plenty of listens up to this day.

This week he released his debut album ‘Wake Up World’, and this morning premiered the video for his second single – ‘First Kiss’.

With ‘First Kiss’ he’s left behind the Avicii SLASH Jedward (seriously – ‘Levels’ SLASH ‘Luminous’) inspirations that served ‘New Way Home’ so well, and instead he’s sounding more like first-album-era Jojo. And as well as moving his inspiration to something a little more aligned to his age, this new single is also sounding a lot more age appropriate too. It’s a teenage themed summer jam. Although that’s not going to stop it being one of our summer jams too – why should the kids have all the fun. ‘First Kiss’ is sublimely catchy pop music that begs for repeated listening to those who don’t take themselves too seriously.

‘First Kiss’ has been released outside of Finland too, should be won over by its charms. And here we have the video;

First Kiss - Wake Up World


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