Medina: ‘Giv Slip’

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Medina has this week released a brand new single in her native Denmark. The first to be taken from her next Danish language album, due out before the end of the year.

It’s ‘Giv Slip’, which means ‘Let Go’. Although it’s much more amusing to sing along with “giv slip slip slip, giv slip”. It just is.

Synth-pop is the sound we’re getting here, as is the case with lead-single-from-a-new-Medina-album, always. This time though, rather than doing the whole heartbroken and moody thing – ‘Giv Slip’ actually sounds quite jovial in style. Although perhaps that’s just in comparison to what’s gone before. Either way, it’s another one-listen-and-you’re-in-love kinda affair, so that’s good. She’s a consistently amazing artist is that Medina.

As well as the single being released yesterday, the day also brought the premiere of the video.

giv slip slip slip, giv slip”;

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