Agnes and her big ballad of a new single ‘One Last Time’

The original, written by herself, Jonas Quant, and Ana Diaz, has so far been well received in her native Sweden. Radio airplay has been big and the song is also experiencing a healthy amount on longevity on the iTunes chart too. And we do like it when very good Agnes singles end up doing well.  It’s what’s right.

The new remix that she’s putting out, gives ‘One Last Time’ a dance makeover. However, it’s worth pointing out that it’s not a great big bastardisation of all of the beauty that we know and love about the original production. The remix just adds a club friendly dance beat, rather than taking anything away or replacing it with an all new sound. Jonas Quant’s fantastic production has been one of the factors that has led to so much praise being heaped upon the song, and it still gets to shine through on the dance mix.

It’s a simple remix, but one that was necessary for those of us who like our Agnes to be a little more Dance! Love! Pop!

The new mix is released soon in Sweden, but Agnes is allowing to stream a preview of it ahead of its release. So here we are;

[audio:|titles=01 One Last Time (Remix)]

You can listen the original ‘One Last Time’ and watch its video right here.


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