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There’s a new Danish girlband that’s just come to the fore, and they look and sound just PERFECT for us!

They’re called Stilettos, and they have just released their first single ‘Click Click Click’ in their native Denmark. British pop fans might already know the track, as it’s a cover of a song by a UK girlband, Sirens. Although the Sirens original wasn’t actually called ‘Click Click Click’, it was called ‘Stilettos’ – the name of the Danish girlband. Keep up!

We always liked the Sirens original, and we’ve been listening to the Stilettos version on Spotify quite a lot over the last few days. In actual fact, it looks like the Danish label Disco:Wax has actually licensed the exact production of the original, because the only difference between the two tracks is the vocals. There’s no harm in that we suppose, since the Sirens original wasn’t a hit anywhere and is mostly unknown outside of their own friends and family and a few pop geeks like us.

A video for the Stilettos single is in the making, and their label has unleashed a teaser of the finished product. Unfortunately though they haven’t made the track available for listening to outside of the aforementioned Spotify. But you ain’t got Spotify then you might as well just listen to the Sirens original here – for all intents and purposes it’s the same thing.

Welcome to pop music, Stilettos. We like you!

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