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Say hello to this attractive new pop duo from Sweden – the ladies of Raw.

Raw is made up of (left to right) Celina Rydén and Ida Warg, two girls who have both thus far had success in Sweden as dancers and choreographers (check out their dancer showreel here – “ELEKTRISK”!). But now they’re taking the overdue step of fronting their own music project. And Raw be where it’s at!

The first single ‘U Sexy Wo-Ho’ (amazing) won’t be released until September, but they put out a 30 second teaser for it yesterday. However, 30 seconds is nowhere near enough time to get a proper indication of what this song in particular sounds like – as it’s so frantic and all over the place. So we asked the girls if we could stream something a bit longer. A verse and a chorus? An intro? A post-chorus? It’s actually sort of difficult to give any section of ‘U Sexy Wo-Ho’ a label that ties in with the standard structure of a song. But anyway, we’ve got a lengthy preview for you below, so do listen.

Raw are describing their sound as “dubdance” – a mixture of dubstep, dance, and pop. If that concoction of a description scares you off though – chill. It’s really just pop, with a dance and dubstep flavour. If you like bits and pieces of all the great female pop duos that have gone before Raw – Shampoo, Icona Pop, Booty Luv, hell even the Cheeky Girls – then you’re bound to like something here. ‘U Sexy Wo-Ho’ is a melting pot of modern day electronic pop music. You can rave to it, you can head-bang to it, or you can just sit back and be comfortable in the knowledge that you’ve learned a brand new complimentary term for a hot piece of ass – “u sexy wo-ho“, anyone?

It’s all a bit of a mind fuck at first, but it’s ribbed for that extra bit of pleasure.

[audio:|titles=Raw – U Sexy Wo-Ho (preview)]

The single is out in September. You can read more about the girls here.


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