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Meet NONONO – a brand new Swedish trio who have just released a hugely promising debut.

Made up of singer/songwriter Stina Wäppling, and production duo Astma & Rocwell, NONONO are a Stockholm based ‘collab’ with oodles of promise. Granted we’re just basing that on one song – but that’s usually served us quite well in the past. In the case of NONONO, that song is ‘Like The Wind’. It’s a stark, grim, Scandigloom track with an irresistible beat anchoring its brilliant production, and a simplistic melody over the top, delivered by Stina via a perfected nonchalance in her voice. Love at first sound.

Astma & Rocwell have previously worked with two other Scandipop favourites, Icona Pop and Beatrice Eli. And you can actually hear a lot of similarities between ‘Like The Wind’ and particularly Beatrice Eli.

Listen to ‘Like The Wind’ below, soundtracking some studio footage from them.

FYI – it took all of the strength we had not to incorporate into this article, a sentence that goes something along the lines of “NONONO?…..YESYESYES!”, or a nod to Girls Aloud in some form – “Sexy…..NONONO”. We’re getting better at this. 

Like the Wind - Single - No!No!No!



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