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Who? Swedish artist Mayka Edd. You probably know her as one half of the brilliant Death Team, whom we’ve featured loads of times on here. Now she’s out with the debut single of her solo project. ‘Rich’.
What does MAYKA say? “From the beginning ‘Rich’ was about a relationship scenario – I pictured hanging with someone who’s just showing off, bragging and being fake. But lately the song feels more like a message from my subconscious to myself – that I’m the one who should stop aiming for superficial goals like money and success. Either way it’s about being more real and authentic, focusing on the joy of living, sharing and creating instead of chasing highs and trying to be something you’re not. Soundwise I think it feels like a perfect mix between MGMT, Lorde and Britney Spears. But with a little nice bass, hip-hop and trap stuff going on.”
What does Scandipop say? Well actually, we reckon that MAYKA herself has pretty much covered it above! But what we will add, is that it is a brilliant pop tune that we fell hard for on first listen. And we reckon we’re gonna be hammering it over the next few months. Possibly beyond.
Written by? MAYKA herself. Produced by LIOHN, who gave us the superb ‘Gold‘ last year.

You can find ‘Rich’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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