Introducing……Frida Sundemo!

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Ladies and gents, we have another exciting Swedish synth siren to add to our playlists!

It feels a bit wrong saying that we’re “introducing” her, as she’s already had some success in Japan and released her debut album out there. But her press release states that this song is her first music release outside of Japan, so we’re taking that angle and running with it! The song in question is ‘I Was Surrounded’, and the lady who sings it is Frida Sundemo. She’s 24 years of age, living in Gothenburg, and studying to become a Doctor. But in the meantime, she’s been crafting her own music, and that’s what we’re going to be focusing on obviously! Her sound is described as “a soothing blend of both acoustic and electronic instruments, with songs that take the listener on a journey through her peculiar universe”. And that sounds about right to us, judging by ‘I Was Surrounded’. It’s a laidback and dreamy electronic symphony with gorgeous melodies all the way through – sort of like Annie’s ‘Heartbeat’ given a shot of tranquilizers! The verses sound like they could be the chorus, such is their strength. And the whole thing sounds like it’s floating in a neon bubble.

Best of all, her ‘people’ are offering it up as a FREE DOWNLOAD! And so as well as listening to it below, you can also click on the download arrow at the right hand side of the stream, to claim it as your own. There’s also a remix on offer too, but that’s not our bag at all – it’s a little too minimalist for our liking, you know how we love our remixes to BANG!

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