Who? 22-year-old Eah hails from Gothenburg and first made a name for himself via his own TikTok channel, leading to him featuring on an Estraden track last year. Now he’s out with his debut single – ‘Dränker Mina Tankar’.
What does that mean? Drowning My Thoughts.
What’s it like? Youthful angst channelled into musical references beyond its years. This debut brings to mind melancholy-ridden ’80s pop from acts like Depeche Mode. But brought right up to date and perfect for a post-Victor Leksell Swedish soundscape.
What does Eah say?For me, the song is about the fact that I do not really know how to deal with those feelings you do not want, thoughts you do not want to think, you do certain things even though you know it does not help you but you continue to do them. You look for ways out in things that may help a little at the moment, but in the long run it only makes things worse because you never deal with the emotions.”
Written by? The artist himself, along with Peter Kvint.

You can find ‘Dränker Mina Tankar’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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