2017 is a good year if you’re a fan of Loreen (though not necessarily if you’re more a fan of ‘Euphoria’). She’s released more songs this year than she has in the whole period between 2012’s ‘Heal’ album and ‘Statements’ in February this year. AND there’s still a whole album to come next month. Her latest release is ‘Hate The Way I Love You’, the music video for which she released yesterday. A song that starts off as a stark and atmospheric ballad, before morphing into a Björk-esque dose of pulsating euphoria. Ok, maybe euphoria is an inappropriate word to use in the same sentence as Loreen these days. The song was written by Loreen, Fred Ball, Jonas Wallin, Samuel Starck, and Adam Hagstrand. Produced by Loreen and Samuel Starck.

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