INTRODUCING: Dean Thompson – ‘Vender Om’

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Who is THIS chap?! This is Danish singer Dean Thompson and his new single ‘Vender Om’.
Yeah but who IS he? Well from what we can gather via our limited grasp of the Danish language, it appears that he has been a member of the Danish reggae collaborative Donkey Sound since 2008. Now though he’s signed with Sony Music as a solo artist, and his debut album is coming out early next year.
And how did you stumble upon a Danish reggae collaborative? Well ‘Vender Om’ caught our ears because it’s an immense pop song with a fantastic chorus. We’ve been giving it major spins over the last few weeks. Although admittedly, we’ve yet to delve into that reggae background of his. Maybe one day….
He’s quite easy on the eye too, isn’t he? He is! And a popular chap too – over 100,000 Spotify streams of the song so far – which isn’t bad for a Danish language track with limited appeal outside of Denmark.


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