INTRODUCING: Cabin Fever – ‘Those Nights’

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Who? Hailing from Bergen in Norway, Cabin Fever is both a songwriting collective and band project, consisting of the renowned producers, songwriters and musicians: Simen Hope (Sigrid, Gabrielle, Zupermaria), David Lucius King (The Script) and Fredrik Brura?s (Kygo, Fred Well, HAVSUN). Together with Askjell Solstrand (AURORA, Sigrid, iris) they write and produce all the music for Cabin Fever.
And the name? The songwriting collaboration between the four of them all started at a cabin. Probably one of those pretty Norwegian summer cabins. So you absolutely would fine inspiration enough for both the music and the bandname.
What are they out with? ‘Those Nights’. Retro-flavoured radio-pop that brings to mind hot summer nights and even hotter summer flings.
What do they say?Our 1st single ‘Those Nights’ is an upbeat, heartfelt and nostalgic song about a lost love. Close your eyes and have a mind-dance and sing with us.”
More from Cabin Fever? This is the first of three singles from an EP which will be released this autumn.

You can find ‘Those Nights’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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