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A pleasant surprise appeared online today – Le Kid announced that the remixes for ’Mercy Mercy’ are now online to listen to on Spotify!

And oh what remixes they are! It’s a package containing four mixes, and unlike most remix packages, the majority of them are actually great. In fact, we’d tag three of them as either being, or containing, moments of absolute scandipop genius! And all three of those are completely different to each other.

Le+Kid+4348703597 5e44b8b77eWe have to start with the ‘Stay The Mix’. It’s the type of remix that we dream of, but that nobody would ever allow themselves to believe could actually ever happen. And we still can’t believe it’s actually been produced. Le Kid, a highly credible act who are on the cusp of huge success and adoration, have sampled a schlager song as one of their remixes. Alcazar’s ‘Stay The Night’. They’ve sampled the amazing drum breakdown in the middle eight, and turned it into the backing track for a brand new version of ‘Mercy Mercy’, Understandably, it’s turned the song into a totally different sort of track. A thundering megadroid of a pop song, swinging from the glitterball of a disco, and crashing into the DJ booth – just so that it can turn up the tempo. Amazing.

Next is the ‘Seductive Baguette Mix’. A name which suggests nothing when you first see it, but makes a lot more sense after you’ve heard what it is. This mix is incredible. ‘Mercy Mercy’ becomes half bossanova, half sixties French glamour, all dressed up in kitsch, camp overtones. It’s all breathy vocals, sighs of ecstacy, and you can just tell that if there was ever a video made for this, it would be winks aplenty and comedy facial expressions. And the fact that they’ve named a remix based on French sex appeal – the Seductive Baguette remix – is achingly brilliant!

Finally there’s the Kaus Club Mix. The fact that we love this so much is a feat in itself, as we usually HATE WITH A PASSION any remixes that barely include any of the original parts of the song. This only includes a few lines of the chorus, sporadically and infrequently placed throughout the 5 minutes and 43 seconds. But it’s still an amazing piece of music nonetheless. An energy filled opus of 2004 commercial dance beats and synths crossed with 1994 pop beats and synths. We’re not really classing it as a remix of ‘Mercy Mercy’, we’re looking upon it as a standalone, phenomenal new dance track. And enjoying it lots! Think Eric Prydz vs Motiv8.


Most artists show their greatness and their genius in their songs. So far Le Kid have shown theirs in their songs, their videos, their extra youtube content (that literal interpretation of the ‘Mercy Mercy’ video really is out of this world!), and now their remixes! I mean, WHO else makes their remixes this unique, special, and mindblowingly great. This is such an exciting act.

The mixes are currently available to listen to on Spotify and on Last FM. Although we don’t know if this is the case outside of Sweden. They’re also available to buy on iTunes. But again, we don’t know if this is possible outside of Sweden either.

Oh, and remember that remix of Eric Saade’s ‘Break Of Dawn’ that we wrote about last week? Well we found out over the weekend that it was done by Le Kid too. IS THERE NO END TO WHAT THEY CAN DO?!

We’re seeing them live for the first time this Saturday, when they perform at Sommarkrysset – excited!

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