Victoria & Laurence: ‘God’s Gift To Me’

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Time for some CHEEEEEEESE!

We must confess, we’ve never heard of this couple that we’re about to scribe about. However, a reader informed us of them via email this week and we shamelessly can’t get enough of the generic balladry that is their song.

According to Mattias who sent the email, Victoria & Laurence are a newlywed couple who are the subject of a new TV show here in Sweden on TV3. “Sweden’s own Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey” if you will. And apparently Victoria found fame on the 2008 season of Idol.

Anyway. The song. It’s nothing new, it’s certainly not masquerading as anything revolutionary, and at kindest it can be best described as a big fluffy ball of schmaltz. But we’re sometimes suckers for that kind of thing and today is one of those days. Although in truth – even though we’re sort of over justifying our enjoyment of this, we also have to say that in fairness, it’s genuinely a good pop song. Just….you know…..genric balladry.


So here;

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