Icona Pop: ‘All Night’

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Icona Pop have just released the follow-up single to ‘I Love It’, in the US. It’s ‘All Night’.

It sounds a lot like THAT song. Shouts and chants ahoy. But whereas ‘I Love It’ was smack bang in the middle of a rave-up, ‘All Night’ is a more contemplative, this-is-a-marathon-not-a-sprint, long term enjoyment of a good night out. It’s less raucous and less riotous. But still contains that inimitable sound of Icona Pop on their jollies.

A dreamy synth accompanies them during the verses, and gives way to a darker electro instrumental post-chorus breakdown. Or maybe that’s the chorus. It’s quite short in length (once again), so it’s kind of hard to pin down a song structure. Oh those crazy Icona Pop girls.

The song is out now in the US.

All Night - Single - Icona Pop


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