Gnucci: ‘Goodah’

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This is what we like. A Swedish popstrel with a liberal approach to the release schedule. More is more, on the dancefloor, it’s fucking chaos in here (as Heidi Montag once sang).

Gnucci releases another new song this week. It’s ‘Goodah’ and it┬áprecedes her debut EP ‘Oh My Goodness’ which she’s releasing independently in August. Click here to marvel over what’s come before from this woman.

‘Goodah’ is a catchy, bouncy, intensively happy dancehall track. Quite possibly the most Scandipop friendly slice of dancehall we’ve heard since that big moment on Robyn’s ‘Body Talk Pt1’. Gnucci herself describes it as a “lil summer soundtrack” and she’s quite right too. She also goes on to explain “I mean if its gonna be better than good, if it’s gonna be that good-goodah, its gotta be dancehall right?“, but she completely lost us there unfortunately.

Still, great tune this;


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