The Return of Pandora

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Legendary (in some circles!) dance diva Pandora has returned with a brand new single. One that we’ve completely fallen head over heels with during the past week. It’s not the pure dance music we’re used to hearing from Pandora, the kind she’s been making for over a decade. It’s a more pop fuelled affair. But she’s still taken along the kind of infectious piano riff that used to take pride of place on her club records. And placed it over the top of a start/stop, faux reggae, 2009 Ace of Base sort of tribute thing. SOUNDS WONDERFUL!

4725944We didn’t think it was anything special on first listen, but it didn’t take long to grow on us. And now we’re listening to it at regular intervals. Daily. It’s a fun pop record that doesn’t require you to do anything but nod your head in appreciative satisfaction. It’s called ‘Kitchy Kitchy’ – which in lyrical context, means getting a shag. Pandora’s bemoaning the fact that all men are looking for is a quick play. Actually, it’s less moaning, more bemusement.

It’s good to have Pandora back on top form. We did wonder what would become of her after a few years in the musical wilderness, that consisted of a couple of flop Melodifestivalen entries and the odd sporadic online single popping up once a year. Some might argue that ‘Kitchy Kitchy’ is simply the latter. But it’s undoubtedly a very strong track, that shows promise of what Pandora still has to give. It’s out now in Sweden and Finland, and you can listen to it at her website,

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