Hur Kan Du Sakna En Ny Video och Remix!

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Linda Sundblad and her tongue twistingly titled new single ‘Hur Kan Jag Sakna Nåt Jag Aldrig Haft’ (How Can I Miss Something I Never Had) received a further lease of life over the weekend, as it’s video premiered, alongside a brand new remix.

It’s one of those songs that consistently gets a typical response of “ooooh, what is this? It’s really good“, when we play it to friends or when we give it a ‘spin’ at DJ gigs. And that’s because it IS really good, that’s right.

Quite why it’s not a bigger hit in Linda’s native Sweden is a big, ugly mystery. Granted, we could say that about most of the songs we write about on these pages, but with ‘Såkna Nåt’ (a Linda Sundblad approved abbreviation), it should be one of those rare instances when our often questionable personal tastes fall directly into line with The Mainstream. ‘Såkna Nåt’ does a good job of straddling two different styles that have been massive in Sweden recently – the sounds of both Veronica Maggio and Robyn – and offers something different without compromising on quality.

Sverige: De På Riktigt Sakna Nåt De Kunde Ha Haft.

In this new video we see Linda frolicking about a dance studio with a FIT man who is currently playing the lead role in the Swedish stage production of Dirty Dancing. She doesn’t look too happy about it though. But then how can she miss something she never had?…..

The remix comes courtesy of Pitchshifters. They’ve turned the song into a commercial (YAY!) club (YAY!) banger (YAAAYYY!). Of course we prefer the original. But still – YAY! Also it solves our only gripe with the song, in that it increases its length to well over three minutes. Oh and it’s a FREE DOWNLOAD too. Go forth and pillage.


Pitchshifters Remix

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