Hófí: ‘It Has To Be You’

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We were put on to this track earlier this month. It’s one which we dismissed initially as it didn’t really seem to be all that good. A bit simple, unadventurous, all-been-done-before, etc etc etc. Yet we’ve kept coming back to it for some reason. And now we’re a little bit in love with it.

It’s ‘It Has To Be You’ by Icelandic singer Hófí.

That “for some reason” bit we mentioned above, is because we literally can’t explain what it is about the song that makes it so enjoyable. We think it might be its sweet and innocent simplicity that’s resulted in us adoring it so. It has a very playful electro production, paired with a vocal that exudes a bright eyed purity crossed with knowing cheekiness. As we said – we’re stumped with this one. But we’re sticking with it anyway. And we suggest you do to.

‘It Has To Be You’ is currently being used as the soundtrack to advertise a brand of bottled sparkling water in Iceland. So no doubt it’s capturing the hearts of the nation over there too.

Have a listen (and it’s also available as a free download);


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