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Gambling is a type of activity that attracts people because of its unpredictability, the availability of bonuses such as free spins no deposit no gamstop, emotionality and the possibility of getting rich. Gambling has a long history that is associated with different cultures, traditions and societies. Gambling also has an impact on the arts, particularly music. Many musicians have been inspired by gambling to create their songs, albums or music videos. Also, many pieces of music recreate the atmosphere of gambling through different sounds, rhythms, melodies and genres that encourage many gamblers.

Common features of music and gambling

Both music and gambling evoke different emotions in a person: joy, excitement, tension, passion, frustration, etc. These emotions depend on the outcome of the game or the nature of the music. People seek these emotions to feel adrenaline, relaxation, pleasure, or escape from reality. Music and gambling can also be a way of socialising and communicating with other people. People can listen to music together, attend concerts, and discuss their favourite artists or genres. People can also gamble together, compete, cooperate, share experiences or advice. It helps to establish contacts, find like-minded people, and feel a sense of belonging to a group. Music and gambling can affect a person’s cognitive processes, such as memory, attention, thinking, and learning. Music can stimulate the brain, improve mood, increase productivity, and promote creativity. Gambling can develop logic, strategy, analytics, decision-making, and adaptation to changes. However, both music and gambling can also have a negative impact on cognitive functions if they become too intense, frequent, or addictive. Music that accompanies gambling may also use different musical genres that are associated with certain types of gambling or with certain regions where it is popular. For example, country music can be associated with poker, especially Texas Hold’em, which originated in the Wild West. Classical music can be related to roulette, which originated in France, or baccarat, which is of Italian origin. Rock music can be associated with slot machines, which often have a rock theme, or with blackjack, which requires players to make quick counts and decisions. Thus, music and gambling have a lot in common but also differ in their goals, forms, and consequences.

Music genres associated with gambling

Some music genres may be more suitable for creating a gambling atmosphere than others. This may depend on the emotions and experiences they evoke in the listener, as well as how they relate to the history and culture of gambling. Here are some examples of such genres:

1. Electronic music, this genre can create a sense of dynamism, energy and innovation that may be inherent in gambling. Electronic music can also use synthesisers, samplers and other electronic devices that can mimic the sounds of gambling, such as slot machines, roulette, cards, etc. Examples of electronic music that may be associated with gambling are Daft Punk, [The Chemical Brothers], [Deadmau5] and others.

2. Jazz, this genre can create a sense of elegance, luxury and romance that may be inherent in gambling. Jazz can also use improvisation, variation and experimentation, which can reflect the unpredictability and risk of gambling. Examples of jazz music that can be associated with gambling are [Frank Sinatra], [Ella Fitzgerald], [Louis Armstrong] and others.

3. Retro style, this genre can create a sense of nostalgia, humour and irony that can be inherent in gambling. Retro style can also use music that was popular in past decades or music that mimics old recordings, which can be reminiscent of the history and evolution of gambling. The Beatles, Elvis Presley, ABBA, and others are examples of retro style that can be associated with gambling. These musicians often used gambling motifs in their songs, such as [Can’t Buy Me Love], [Viva Las Vegas], [The Winner Takes It All], and others. Also, their music can create a contrast between simplicity and extravagance, between joy and sadness, between success and failure, which can be characteristic of gambling.

Cooperation between musicians and casinos

Musicians can perform on the casino stage or in casino-owned hotels. This can be a way to attract a new audience, improve the level of service and entertainment, and make money. For example, [Lady Gaga] had a residency at the [MGM Grand] casino in Las Vegas from 2018 to 2020, where she performed two different shows: Enigma and Jazz & Piano. Other famous musicians who have performed at the casino include [Elton John], [Celine Dion], [Cher], and [Britney Spears]. Musicians can create original music for casinos or slot machines that use their songs and images. This can be a way to expand their fan base, receive licence fees, and create a unique product. For example, [Madonna] collaborated with [Aristocrat] to produce a Madonna video game that features her most famous hits, music videos, and photos. Other musicians that have their own slot machines are [Michael Jackson], [Dolly Parton], [KISS], and [Guns N’ Roses]. Musicians may be inspired by gambling to create their songs, albums, or music videos. This can be a way of expressing their thoughts, emotions or criticisms of gambling, or simply a way of creating exciting and creative music. For example, [Poker Face] by [Lady Gaga] is a song about hiding her sexuality from her partner using poker metaphors. Other songs that mention gambling are [The Gambler] by [Kenny Rogers], which is advice about life from an old card player, [Lucky] by [Britney Spears], which is about the loneliness of a star, and [Viva Las Vegas] by [Elvis Presley], which is an anthem for the city of gambling paradise.

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