The Growth of Esports Betting: 5 Opportunities for Bookmakers

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The fact that esports betting is constantly growing can hardly be denied. Bookmakers gain more and more power in the market. So bettors get access to a wider range of services.

The rise in popularity leads to higher revenues. By the end of 2022, the global esports market will exceed one billion US dollars.

5 Opportunities to Consider

Attributing the rise of esports betting to the rise in esports isn’t fully correct. Meanwhile, the rise of esports betting can be affected by the superior customer experience associated with esports betting. One thing is clear: bookmakers like GGBET have at least several opportunities to act.

1. Guaranteed data integrity

Grasping the importance of esports betting is required for achieving the desired results. Bookmakers need to master in-play bets without any delay between an esports event and the betting market. Gamblers ascertain the outcome of a bet before going any further. In the context of courtsiding, spectators watch a sporting event in person and witness an event that takes place in real-time.

Eliminating the delay from traditional sports betting can hardly be possible due to the manual nature of the collected data. Through automated data extraction and distribution technology, gambling sites can obtain official rights-held data effectively, such as in a bitcoin sportsbook.

2. Innovative in-play betting

The digital specificity of esports allows gambling operators to access all game-related data. This has encouraged the rise of esports betting because bookmakers can now cover a broad spectrum of in-play bets with no to little effort. In traditional sports, in-play betting can be processed within certain limits, before bookmakers can monitor outcomes.

3. Accurate odds in real time

The more esports events take place, the more accurately bookmakers can price pre-game odds. Moreover, integrated algorithms can always be updated in order to provide more realistic odds. For example, a game-win probability of CS:GO can be estimated by e combination of the current score, map difficulty, equipment value, money value, and player competence. Some characteristics like player health conditions can be tracked, so it can’t be used in the algorithm.

4. Detailed, engaging betting strategies

The better you understand the game, the higher your chances of successful bets. For example, the fans of Formula One are privy to information such as tire wear and fuel consumption. Esports is similar to F1 in the context of managing valuable information, like player health, respawn rate, and strategic deployment. The more information a gambler has, the more strategic their betting vision can be.

The challenge for bookmakers is to identify the chances to contextualize in-game events within the broader gaming strategy. The diversity of esports titles and their respective complexity makes winning complicated for non-expert gamblers. Breaking down various esports titles is related to a larger clientele as long as it capitalizes on the rise of esports betting.

5. New data-based customer experiences

The availability of large amounts of gaming data reveals the possibility for new data-driven customer betting experiences. Visualizations have become the most striking ones. Digital maps demonstrate the real-time movement of players on a virtual map. Live log widgets can contain information on the characters’ status, kill count, and inventory details. The most important visualizations for betting are represented by prediction trackers, which use machine-learning models to estimate the potential outcomes in real-time.

Will the Growth of Esports Betting Continue?

Major bookmakers offer bets on numerous esports titles, including CS: GO, Dota 2, Delta 2, League of Legends, and PUBG. The variety of options seems to grow in the future prospects. Bettors have an opportunity to pick the most suitable esports title based on personal preferences.

These days, esports make up around 5% of sportsbook revenues in the world. And this trend doesn’t seem to change in the nearest future. All you can do is to follow the transformations on the market. Don’t miss the recent updates!

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